A Sacrifice of a Prince

Not all to long ago, lived a Beautiful Loving King, who ruled a good and noble kingdom, a kingdom of light. Ruled with love and compassion, truth, kindness, undeniable justice, freedom for all, the King made everything open to His people, all the access to any wisdom they needed for life. The good King gave His people all they could ever want, health, wealth, peace, security, demanding nothing, not even their worship even though he could, maybe even should. Demanding nothing except that they value and cherish above all things goodness and love, loving everyone as themselves, even themselves, instructing His people to the things that hurt others and in turn hurt themselves.

So was the love of the Great King, loving His subjects even more then any father could ever love his children, loving them so much He even gave them all the freedom, to do anything they wished, even to the point of allowing them to leave the safety of His realm, into to areas of the enemy, if they so desired. As much as the Great King gave everything to His precious children, there were those who would choose on their own to leave, often when darkness just couldn’t loosen it’s grip from their heart, they would walk with their own two feet through the gate and into a world which only contained hate, anger, greed, and death.

How the Great Father wept for every soul that left, knowing once the kingdom of darkness wrapped it’s cruel greedy chains around the flesh of each of His children, none would ever return. What kept them away; shame, fear, guilt? Perhaps, but most likely the realization that the very chains that bound them, were the products of their own creation. Chained yes, but their hearts and spirits never forgotten where they came from. Great were the wailing’s of the Good Kings people in this far off dark land.

Then one day the Father had a Son, ever so much of a true Son of the Father was He. All the people loved Him, because He loved them first. And while He deserved every inch of the palace that the Father shared with the Son, He chose to dwell among the people. He ate and slept, laughed and cried, held them, loved them, all equally without any favoritism, never lifting Himself above any, even though they would have, should have, lifted Him at every moment. He was all Good, all Kind, Truth manifested in a man. Wise beyond understanding, Love beyond comprehension, compassion without Limit. Men and women loved Him, His kindness and charity had no bounds, Children played at His feet, for comfort, safet