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A Poem for Her

As I run along this path that I seem to have found my self upon, not any longer by choice, but one thankfully given, yes free will, every choice my own, yet prompted and guided by Him, it is a path going to unrealized, and excitedly fulfilling, Godly wonderful places.

God’s breath in those places, rapidly unfolding themselves around me as peddles, fragrantly glistening in the mornings cool dew.

Not always is the path of great pleasure, no!, most one of hardship and only simple pleasure. A narrow path, straight, true, eyes focused, arms strong, seeing children’s eyes, a lovers tear, a gentle touch, a cool drink, a path filled with love, agape love only God can give.

I hope, no believe, soon to glance to my side, noticing her as she walks or runs beside, going the same way, eyes focused on the goal, then suddenly we meet, glancing to my side, our eyes touch, exchange a smile, recognize each other, there’s a laugh, but more the realization that friends is assured.

Then gently take her hand, my new friend I have found, the warmth of her touch caresses my heart, the laughter is intoxicating, but more so her breath, where there is strength, there is only truth. Where there is intimacy, there can only be adoration. Gods greatest gift, that only He can give,

and we walk on… Is that to much to ask?

I pray not.

By Peter Colla

“Jesus I pray to be on that Path, your Path, and with it all the blessing that may come from being on the Path that Jesus would have me on.”

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