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A Father Loves to Watch His Child Learn; an excerpt out of “A Father’s Love”

Now who’s tender feeling’s create in brightened blue eyes, given freely to Me, my child’s heart when in his discovery? Blending softly in my touch, to wisdom one might surmise, then pure crimson glow, caressing glance of My little son’s reverie.

For as his gaze wonder’s round, encompassing world’s a new, beautify if not good created pure, but finger’s held blossom’s so true, one of n’ ever glorious gift, granted Him, my blissful children’s view, Ya more gift for I, then even possibly for him, his praises song for me.

Beauty find’s many a form, rainbow’s lighted softened hues lie, a world created for no other, then soft promises gift’s love abide, Given His child to discover golden skies, bird’s brighten summer’s sky, in every a moment that young life, his life’s fresh breath sing harmony.

Many beautiful image, have I to touch, bounding within his caress’d play, My own longing eye lingering softly, this world’s life, fresh scented spring day, from all that sweet sound, watch him to learn, and toil in not hindered display, but free in his choice, experience all, giving eye’s tear soft and tender may be.

As alway’s My sight lies on sweet child, never My head may I turn away, For he dance’s cross canvas, flowered garden’s, My childlike heart’ sway, Word’s only to be given, touches seen, My perfect son tenderly sit’s to play, For what could I deny him, anything he may ask, for he is just like Me;

By Peter Colla

“Lord open my eyes to see my child, as You do, to see the world as he does, and thus to see You as he does. Grant me a child’s heart, Your heart.”

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