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A Cork Upon the Ocean, Chapter 3: Threat Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

A Cork Upon the Ocean

Another example came to mind when thinking about this life as it was created. In 2016 my wife and I considered the position of a person as related to the more mind, body, and spirit therapeutic effectiveness, and how it may find its place in the entire scope of the universe as it was created, it was at this moment an image emerged perhaps it was a dream, or a momentary flash of understanding, that later transcended in the discussion as it birthed its way from thought to spoken word.

The world or the science community would like to refer to us as a most insignificant speck on a world spinning on its axis 24,000 miles per hour at the equator. The Earth revolves around the sun at 18.5 miles/second which is an astonishing 66,600 miles per hour. Our solar system is traveling around our own galaxy at an astonishing rate of 143 miles per second, and our own galaxy while the total seems to change every year based on newly discovered finding and further disproven old theories, the most recent figure seems to be that at any one time our bodies are hurtling through space at an astonishing 1.3 million miles per hour.

What is amazing is that if we are to believe that we were created with a purpose and are truly significant then how does that fit in the infinite spectrum of the universe? Perhaps we must reconsider the actual small reality of what science would call our actual physicality.

All that empty space infinitely small specks against a background of space and nothingness, kind of like outer space and the speckles of pinpoint stars against an infinite background of empty space.

Is this not kind of like, a cork floating on the ocean?

So if our life at least the physical being of the energy that represents our body is by example the cork on the ocean, then the waves, wind, sunbaking on the surface, the rain, and even fishes nibbling on the cork, represent all of the stimuli our minds have to process. Basically, our mind comprehends the individual waves and every aspect of the wind it feels. All of these being categorically placed on the library shelves of our mind, for later reference to access and compare to new experiences all good or bad. The many corks that haphazardly float by, how random, how impossible to find another in the whole ocean of floating?

The realm of the physical body is like a cork on an ocean.

Even if the cork eventually is destroyed or ages to the point where it may fall apart and sink, the atoms that make up the cork merely move on to other functional parts of structures found around the relative space occupied by the cork. As parts of the cork move on like hairs on our head fall to the floor, so do the energies of the many atoms and specific everything that takes up any small fraction of space, in the vast continuum we call the physical universe, move to another place in the spectrum of what we understand as this momentary physical space. What happens to the memories of all the waves and sun? Where are they in the aging picture? Maybe just maybe the memories or actions are all added to the ocean like the smallest fractions of drops, some light and some dark, but each dissolving in the great waves, today’s ink spots are tomorrow’s dispersed thoughts scattered among the fishes?

Your mind is the experiential recording of everything that happens to the cork.

Let us then suppose that our experiential mind or the consciousness of which we experience dwells in the ocean. Then if every experience, every thought, every action, or reaction is like dropping a drop of ink into a glass. By the law of diffusion, the ink molecules will disperse to a point of lower concentration until the entire glass is completely blended evenly throughout and will distribute itself evenly throughout the entire volume. What is the limit of this; a bowl, a swimming pool, a lake, an ocean?

So if the spirit our spirit gets their drops of emotions and beliefs deposited by the actions, and reactions of this life, then into the ocean is like the place where they may be deposited, then what is the expanse or limit of the spirit? The answer; the entire ocean! The ocean is God, our life expands throughout this realm and becomes a part, seemingly insignificant part, but if the ocean is ever-changing even by infinite single drops at a time, is not each completely significant, because they all have the ability to “create change”. We are truly created in the image of God, and our every word is significant.

Your spirit is the ocean, God is the ocean and everything beyond.

The drops of ink as they spread out throughout the entire unlimited expanse of this ocean, not limited by time, or space, everlasting and infinite. We are not the ocean, for we didn’t create it, but we are part of it as we are created in its image, and thus through an experiential gift we call life, we get to add to it good or bad as we chose in the desire of our existence. Science tells us we come from the ocean? Interesting realization!

If we are truly mostly spiritual beings, and the spirit has the far greatest effect on our lives, then it must also be true for health and healing. Ignoring the spirit in our health considerations is basically the same as a cork ignoring the waves or dark skies during a storm?

The body is the smallest fraction of you, the now, one moment of one day.

As I was showed the body is the least of the amount of actual physical realism in the created universe only taking up a fraction of the existed space in one moment of time and space. The mind is a databank, in effect a storage library of all past and present stimulus the body receives through the actions and experiences of your life with the outside world, as well as the storage house of every spoken as well as heard word, the every images your eyes receive, and every taste or reaction the food your body takes in experiences, the very dreams and thoughts you contemplate throughout this short physical life which represents your life.

The mind with its accumulated awareness and even greater recordable unawareness representing past, present, future plans, hopes, and prayers, while the spirit, on the other hand, is infinite.

“Ok, let us continue the assumption;”

Your spirit is as a great ocean, vast almost limitless, and as infinite as the surface of the oceans waters, as deep as the very recesses of the greatest abyss, far beyond the ability to seep its most intricate touch, much higher than the highest climbing water molecule up unto the great currents of glorious winds. Within this air, the waters of your thoughts and dreams dance, the deeds and words you speak in every thought the realities of your every creation.

Each drifting from time to time into the heavens, just to fall back down in their own time, symphonies in the clouds of heaven realms just to cool to droplets or crystallize into solid dreams of created ideas that when touched with good and godly aspects form the most beautiful and individually perfect snowflake formations, fall to earth in real memories.

Tears, they drop down the faces of the most perfectly created children any Father could ever hope to realize. Even deeper than you can possibly comprehend in the deepest recesses under the surface and throughout the entire world, throughout every living creature, they touch, flowing constantly transferring their actual physical and molecular essences through the entire created world.

It is as a flowing ballet of created energy amassed into a momentary and everlasting masterpiece of harmonic and perfected landscape formulated for one purpose, to exhibit the grandeur and complexity of the I-Am. And you do it every single moment of every day.

The ocean, in essence, is God manifested, and you are a part of that Creation part of it, not all of it but not lacking any part of it as well.

Sicknesses and injuries are no more than momentary effects on the cork at one moment in time and space and have very little effect if any on the entire ocean, as a matter of fact, the actual events of a particularly aggressive wave or irritating fish have only the most fractional effect on the ocean as a whole.

When dealing with sicknesses if you will address your treatment or how you TREAT these attacks relative to their significance compared to you, you will have the greatest chance of overcoming, in fact, you will be guaranteed to overcome because it is promised.

If the body is the least of you, the mind more, and the spirit the greatest, then the healing and or treatment should reflect this. But in the world, as it stands in health care today the opposite is taught as true. Let us take back our truth, let us take back our decisions of what or who we are.

I chose to share the wisdom I have been freely given, and in sharing receive the same love back in the rhythmic interactions life’s gentle swells produce, regardless of insurance and spiritual enslavement. We can look up, we can say no to the waves, we can call out to God; what does it mean, what I Am to learn.

I will let God tell me what I Am and no-one else!

Chapter 3 of my book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” by Peter Colla available for free download on our website:

This book is a compilation of twenty-five years of experiences, witnessed healings, and examples of how placing God’s Word and truths into the health care environment healing is available to everyone free of payment or ritual stipulation. 

A look at the healing process from a Quantum level examination along with a Therapist’s application of using these truths to facilitate Spiritual Ascension, Health and Wellness in your own life. 

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will publish each day a few chapters of Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” as I produce and publish an Audio version of each chapter. 

“Freely these gifts have been given to me, and freely I give them on to others.”

Over the last thirty-five years, my wife and I have given everything we have to bring the truth to the many Patients we have had presented before us. Soon it will be revealed that the same people who we pay for our health care are the same who have developed the many issues patients seem to be suffering from more and more these days. 

“People find it very difficult to receive freedom from infirmities when they don’t even realize they are already in the jail of the system.”

Revelation, Justice, and Restoration

Bless You

Peter and Anna Colla

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