A Blacksmith becomes a Tow Truck Operator, by His Grace!

Long be the years the faithful Blacksmith has labored over the daily tasks of continued forging, working the metal and refining the perfection of those given under his responsibility. Even when muscles pained, back and neck strained with the constant hammering for no other reason than to help remove the impurities, for the final artistic display, it was always worth the journey. But even he has seen a decline demand of his specific products he so began those many years before, granting the great diversity of the art that he now practices, somewhere down deep in the back of his heart he senses a change is in the air from the confines of his cozy trusted shop, its wood tones and handily placed tools at casual reach, never far from the comforting eyes of others that love him, for he dreams even but a moment to push out into the blazing light of the world with eyes on a larger rooftop with blue skies and majestic white clouds.

But the years and heavy burden does work on necks’ and back muscles’, as they voice their own words of rebellion to the everyday load, likewise the seemingly repetitive tasks in a day-in, day-out “I have to continually repeat my deposit of skillful seeds to an ever needing and often slightly over dependently craving audience”, can in itself make even the most successful servant long for days of absence. He can maybe with a more wandering eye pray for a light day, any a man might hope and even silently cry for a bit of a distraction from the squawking baby bird yet deposited again into the nest waiting to be fed. Is it wrong for him to silently pray for the peacefulness of the blue skies, he asks himself?

And so came into a life a new assignment, a new challenge to the ventur