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There is more of a concern and an almost increasing love to go back down and help others who remained seemingly unaware of the revelations visible from above, perhaps help them lift their own heads from the dust or encourage them to themselves step up for the long climb up into the heavens. 

This is quite an illumination of its own and since the caterpillar has no eyes there is no possible explanation how she can know the truths being revealed to him, leaving only one the truths to come from God. Be it as it may, the higher he ascends the more truths seem to be understood, images and hidden pieces of a puzzle, secrets revealed that have only tickled the hairs on the back of her neck when he still dwelled in the dust and grasses of the earth’s ground. 

A quantum shift occurred where Godly light perpetuated out into the universe eliciting abilities witnessed by many, noted by few, and acknowledged for all time, as these manifesting energies radiated out throughout the entire known universe in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Abilities such as healings merely by commanding them, men walking on water, the dead rising, the blind seeing, the deaf having their ears opened, nothing was impossible, even the dark spirits that plagued so many for so long cried in fear when commanded to step up. 

One of the many anomalies of Christianity, the New Testament and the accounted depictions of the miracles and words of Jesus is the fact that the first three books of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, and Luke all seem to follow the same basic order and name specifically the same miracles as examples even though Luke himself states he was not a direct witness of the events first hand? It is commonly believed that in the earliest writings of the accounts of Jesus, someone may have been penned a single text, perhaps one of the direct witnessing twelve, or maybe even by Jesus Himself, and it was this original document that was later repeated by many of the twelve Apostles as documentation to take with them as they spread across the globe and repeated the message of Christ in every direction.

This original document which has been reported witnessed, especially in the earliest records of the church, yet now is believed lost or perhaps hidden away, carried the single name and simple designation of a simple letter; Q. The Book of Q has stood the test of centuries to be believed to be this single text, and while many have searched, and many more do believe it may have once existed, there is but one common belief when it is described as either being original or merely an imagined document, and that it represents the basic “Truth” or original account of the life, acts, and words of Jesus.

A book of basic truth called Q leaves us with any number of questions including; does it exist, who and why was it hidden, and finally why call it Q. A basic single program, a simple perhaps chronological list of events, and perhaps simple plan from which others could be facilitated for one purpose and that was the spreading of the message of God Himself out throughout the whole world and unto everybody who is willing or wanting to see.

I am not intending this book to be a documentary of research into the legitimacy of Q, or even dare to attempt to convince anyone of the truths of the Bible, I am not worthy, but all I can do is relate my own experience in this process, report what I have learned, seen, and come to understand, and perhaps each of you reading this will search for yourself the truths, understand them in your heart and further ascend to see more. Ascension is the understanding of truth, and the quest to find more. For me, this related to the belief of stories in the Bible, whether they were true or not, and then the understanding of who is fighting against these truths and why.

For me, Peter, my introduction to the truth, as with many others usually requires an almost rock bottom experience whereby the looking up desperation move is a life or death choice. It started perhaps many years ago on the very cusp of the death, in a tragic car accident of my then-pregnant wife Hilly only a day before she was due to deliver our second child. She died on the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year we were together, and for people who seek out the hidden messages of numbers will without a doubt immediately be drawn to the significance of 11, 11, 11, but I myself will not get into that yet in this book. 

Truths then, and revelations about God presented themselves to me, not all at once, but as seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces that at first merely tickled my curiosity to learn more, only later to assemble into a picture that demonstrated to me absolutely God’s face and the ascended vision He had for each of us willing to look. It was because of these witnessed truths that I felt obligated to inject spiritual considerations into the healthcare practices I was engaged with. It was also the aggressive counter push by the system even when it was obvious all that was occurring was people were getting better and the system was saving money, that I realized I must be on to something, thus pressing even more for additional truths.

One experience related to this tragic beginning is relative to this book and stems from one of the first writings I had ever published called “We Are All Flowers.” And while I have included this earlier writing in my other publications, long ago I promised God it would always be included in any writing I published.

We Are All Flowers

I knew a man once, a long time ago, he was a younger man, naive yet full of faith. Faith in God but also in the world! This man always loved God, even walked and talked with Him his whole life, but often knew not how to show it.

Then one day he found himself in a far-off land, and the last thing he expected happened; God decided to bless him by allowing our young traveler to meet one of God’s “truly wonderful flowers!”

It didn’t take long for this man to fall in love with the flower, because everyone who ever met her loved her. But another true miracle occurred, she actually loved him as well! Giving up school, home, family, even country, in a place that didn’t speak his language, for a gift given by God didn’t seem like a sacrifice at all, but more a privilege.

Days and nights filled with laughter, most of the time at nothing at all, coupled with the sweet scent of fresh dew on newly blossomed flowers, misty morn of a cool spring day, so was her breath. A touch so soft yet graced with strength, that it lit a flame in this man’s heart that encircled said heart as gently as a warm feather bed snuggles shoulders on a cold winter’s night.

How sweet it was to sit across a crowded room and have her look at him, mouth a word, and he would know exactly everything she said. How sweet was it to come from a feast every day that was her, and be so full he couldn’t even glance at another morsel.

She was his love, she was his heart, she was his friend, she was his life. She was his wife!

A man would risk, even sacrifice his life, gladly!, to protect the precious pearl, that God has blessed him with. She does as well; risks her own, sacrificing body, risking life to joyfully bring a child into the world.

Blessings beyond imagination!

Some would say our young traveler had it all; when you have everything you need, all the extras are just extra, and really only amount to simple pleasures that rain down from God as simple flakes of snow in a perfect winter’s scene.

But suddenly one day which should have been glorious, being only a single one before the scheduled day of birth of their second child, turned to tragedy! A stranger who would rush to beat a red light would cross her path, and life for her, as well as the child, would disappear from her blue eyes. Or so he was told then?

To understand the depth of what he experienced, only those that have experienced similar losses can feel the pain, and through this common feeling, this tragic experience, can relate to what he went through after that horrific day.

When I say those of similar loss, I mean someone who has a part of themselves taken from this world.

Not to diminish anyone’s loss, whether it is a parent, a dear friend, or close love one, but nothing seems to compare to the loss of a spouse or child! This may very well be due to the fact that a child is created with a piece of ourselves. In the same way, when two people become one flesh as is the case in marriage.

The loss of either of these kinds of individuals in our lives can leave us not only depressed at this loss but left with a sense of utter and unexplainable incompleteness. We feel like a part of us is missing, and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to find a fill to that lost part!

Why he asked?!!! But heard no answer. 

Our young traveler, our angry, confused, guilt-ridden, tired young believer, would enter the wilderness, wander with fist in air, kicking rocks, head down, eyes turned away from the glare of a day that has become various shades of grey.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into years. Relationships came and went, and with them came various levels of betrayal even from those who pledged their deepest devotion.

Funny how a man can just slowly walk into a “Death Valley,” slowly descending, unknowingly most of the time, until he finds himself so far below the “Sea” level, that he can hardly imagine a way out. When all seems lost and giving up becomes something our blessed, not so young man possibly looks at for the first time in his life, finally, out of desperation, he calls out to Jesus for help and Jesus answers! In a bathtub of all places!

The climb out is a rapid ascent when God shows the path! Three things happen when you get to the other side, at the top of the mountain ridge that crests the edge of the valley; one, you can look back and see the whole valley, giving a clear picture of the whole valley and what exactly it was, and two, it doesn’t look so big as it did when you were deep in, and third, a person might even thank Him for the experience of overcoming, the task won, the lesson learned!

God is so good! Not only does He rescue His child when called, He blesses our traveler with the answer to his “why?” question that has haunted him all the next eleven years of his wilderness walk.

One day he was asked by a female friend who had also had a tragic loss of a child a hard question. When she heard of his loss she turned as with tears in her eyes said; “If God loves as you say He does, then how do you explain the loss of an innocent person such as your wife or child, or my baby?”

At this point, our new recruit in God’s army believed himself to be a “Born Again Believer” and knew Jesus lived in his heart, but the answer to that question he had never quite heard!

He closed his eyes and asked Jesus for wisdom, and low and behold; Jesus spoke in his mind.

An image immediately appeared, I will repeat it in these words as stated to her now all those years ago;

I softly spoke into her ear; “I just had the vision in my mind of a beautiful field of flowers, mostly reds, but also yellows, violets, and whites, appear like a picture before me in my mind eye. In the middle of a sweeping hill lined valley meadow, stood a shady tree, large, full leafed, quite inviting and peaceful! You know the kind, they show on a travel brochure to Tuscany, Italy or someplace like that?”

“Peaceful, restful, perfect in order and design, balanced majesty of symphonic grace as the breeze gently flows over blossoms, like the caressing waves of green-tinted shore.”

“The voice of Jesus just said in my head;”

“Consider the flowers;”

“Some lie in the middle of the field, where the Sun is strong and the soil is deep, plenty of water, safe.”

“Some lie under the trees, a good safe place but not as much sun, they just don’t seem to grow as well.”

“Some lie in the rocks, where the soil is thin and water spars, they do not grow well at all, a seemingly poor life.”

“Some lie in the weeds, where life is hard and struggle seems to be a daily event, their short life choked out sometimes cruelly.”

“And some lie on the road, where the wagon comes by and snuffs out their life suddenly!”

“You are all those flowers in that field! You are all flowers to me; some you are strong, some of you are weak, some of you are tall, some are small, all equal, all loved, all perfect.”

“Yours is not to understand why this one lies here, or that one there, in my most perfect field, yours is to Thank Me!, for the time you got spend with my most precious flowers!”

Our young believer then understood and had an overwhelming realization that he needed to “Thank God” for two things; for all the precious time he got to spend in his life with such a beautiful creation as one of God’s precious flowers, his wife and even unborn child. If it was but a moment, it was infinitely better than to have never had known them at all! 

And two; that Jesus loves him enough to let me see the rest of the beauty of this gift we call our life, seeing not only our place in it, but his hand in every sight, sound, taste, and breath we share. If God didn’t have all of the flowers in their perfect place, and in their perfect color, we wouldn’t have the even more glorious field!

The true picture of life, as He sees it, and as we experience it.

This traveler was me!

God is faithful, I have had precious time with one of His most precious flowers.

That was many years ago, praise God I have also had since been promised restoration, and God always keeps His promises. A flower? Could God have another for me, and allow me to be one for her! 

“Dear Jesus; Allow me to not only see myself as one of your precious flowers, but all those around me, grant me the vision and sight as you see us, and in turn experience the same love you have for each of us, equal, and perfect.”

I wrote this for my departed wife Hilly and our daughter Petra Colla who never got to see a single day out of her mother’s womb never knew her father, never got to play hold up a block and show it to me. 

All these years later, all this climbing, two steps up and one back down, an ascension of my own is finally realized at least enough to give some kind of account for others perhaps to see.  

The caterpillar climbs and along the way, dreams descend upon him, and for me, all I can do is relate what I saw, for others, it may be different, we are all different flowers, each alike yet placed in slightly different locations in this vast beautiful garden God has created. For this caterpillar, a recurring image as I have already written of earlier was the flying experience, and while I will not expand on that idea or image again, I would like to add that memory has carved into my mind those experiences, while I know I was only dreaming, seem so real and vivid they were that many are clearer memories than the physical ones the many days or so-called real experiences only now a few years past?

Along the many now numerous times in my dreams when flying occurred, an almost Superman-like flying would be experienced where I could fly merely by thinking, reaching out, or remembering. Never in these dreams did I ever experience any other of the typical Superman qualities; the strength, the X-ray vision, perhaps the only thing that I seemed to also experience, was a sense of indestructibility when hitting things or landing after a great fall. Also, I seem to always be engaged in something that was for good, looking for someone, or helping someone?

On one occasion I remember now eleven years ago a Superman flying dream stands out and I believe it is relevant to include it; one day I dreamt that I was standing in a room almost like I was preparing to go out to perform some kind of military assignment or another, and small little grandmother lady maybe barely four feet tall was standing on wooden stepping stool before me adjusting my clothes, I was wearing the Superman suit cape and all but different than any I had ever seen deep shades of dark blues and darkened earth-tone reds. This little old lady could barely reach up on her tiptoes to adjust the shoulders. I don’t know how I knew it but the little old lady felt she was the Holy Ghost, she was wearing light tan colored linen very old almost simple eleventh-century style woven cloth?

Then I hear the voice of God clearly say; “If you knew going forward, you may have to be alone, would you go anyway?”

I remember seeing myself standing there, looking down, a look of sadness seemed to be on my face, as the realization I may have to be alone was considered. I knew in my dream what I lost, and I also knew I desired to have it back, but as I stood there I can clearly remember thinking about it for seemingly a long time, although it may have only been an instant. 

Then remember finally lifting my head slightly and looking at the old woman and simply saying; “Yes.” Then I woke up.

The caterpillar climbs and with each step, there is a realization that takes place; one, the higher you climb the more you die to old wants and desires of the ground and earth. Things below just are not important to you any longer. And when I say die, it is as if the desires for them leave you almost as they fade from view. Of course, old habits are hard to lose, yet in many of these caterpillar’s cases, old behaviors or even foods seem to make you ill to try them again?

But the second realization is a bit harder to stomach; the higher you go the lonelier it becomes. Many of the friends, some loved-ones, colleagues, even close family don’t seem to understand you any longer, they look at you and think you may have gone crazy? It is a journey most may have to do alone? This factor is one of the strongest for turning people back down, giving up, or denying the very existence of the Ascension, and without getting into too much of it right now we will just call it; “The Fear of Man.”

But suddenly something appeared; a deep aggressive posture against him without a solid reason, an almost hate-driven campaign against Donald Trump from the media, what seemed at the time to be the controlling powers of our country, and pretty much everyone else that already enjoyed a position of elitism? Since I was on my own cusp of ruthless attacks, lies, and destructive acts for no other reason than what appeared to simply be hate, I began to identify with what this guy was going through and solicited me more to actually listen to what he was saying rather than just what they were telling me about him.

Out of the growing support I suddenly began to see a simple sign repeated itself at rallies, reports, messages, and following; that being the single letter “Q.” What an odd symbol to represent some kind of message, seemingly repeatedly demonstrated, yet unfathomable to me. As God opened my eyes with each investigation into the things quickly coming to light another step up the ascension, another truth revealed, and more importantly another piece of a massive puzzle started forming seemingly from unrelated pieces I may have only glimpsed at my whole now nearly thirty-year ascension.

I am not going to get into the proof, politics, predictions, claims, or disclaims of any of the many “Gates” such as; “Pizza Gate,” “Obama Gate,” the CCP, the Vatican, “Election Fraud,” “BLM,” COVID hoax or not, Media Lies, Big-Corporate Big-Pharma involvement, the list goes on almost forever. Pieces of puzzles some seen, some experienced, others merely dreamed of all spread themselves with increasing frequency and almost mystical regularity into position, whereby a larger more complex image started to manifest, an increase of clarity that maybe all of these unrelated and seemingly insignificant little pieces perhaps could all come together and reveal some yet hidden truth.

All of these enlightenments these days, all of the illuminations, the Revelations that seem to be exploding around us, and with them the seeming hate-based objections, the masking, the lies, the hiding of the truth, the censoring unwillingness to reveal truths, all this does is lay credence to the authenticity of the truths? As more and more people step forward and bring the light upon hidden secrets, and more people see the truths, take their own single steps in ascension and thereby see more, again patterns appear, symbols become statements, each of us as vessels of water become influenced merely by the intention behind these symbols and choices are made to Ascend, fixate once gaze on the dirt, or even descend, it all remains ultimately our free will a single decision to look at and for Truth, or live, ignore and ultimately choose the lie? 

I have no idea if Q represents a person, penned by a single person, a group of people, a predicted rise of a fallen King or a Superman for that matter, or maybe a program set forward through masterful illuminated knowledge that could only be obtained through supernatural intervention, but as I experience my own observations with it these revelations that are first spoken of like soft whispers, later predicted with almost prophetic accuracy, and ultimately brought to Light with righteous indignation, I can not help but believe the entire idea behind Q is nothing more than a simple infinitely complex movement for the assimilation of Truth.

A crack forms in the cocoon and complex the caterpillar who now realizes something dramatically different is going on, not only in the world of her dreams but in the visions that are manifesting right before his eyes even as the first rays of light penetrate into its once safe haven of growth. What once was a dark world filled with fear, danger, and deep restricted movement is now filled with light, bright colors, truths about the real world around her which is full of freedom and potential on has only before dared to dream of, yet now seems imminent.  

A new dimension seems to be unfolding right in front of us. Restorations’ of hopes and dreams only dared prayed for in the past, enlightenments of the true satanic parties involved perpetrating many perhaps all of the attacks in the past on all of us as well as others, the innocent. A dimension where the limitations of the ground no longer apply, while vision perpetuates and bodies, which have now only just begun to activate, manifest themselves with powers only spoken of in the dreams of visionaries past, new destinies arise where the Remnant can fly forth eager to engage the hostile foe, willing to serve in the aid of those who might yet only today begin their ascending steps, spreading messages of truth, and tender touches of healing sounds, silently waiting for their specific assignments from Him who created all things and holds the victory and the plan in the palm of His hand.

By Peter and Anna Colla

Excerpt out of soon to be released book; Quantum Ascension in Health, Wellness, and Healthcare

“Dear Lord help Your Remnant, Your Warriors in this End-Times war, Your Children that have turned to You, and the entire regiments of Angelic contingent, and give them the illumination of revelations, the wisdom, the enlightenment needed to perform all the tasks each of us have been called to perform for Your glory, testimonial, and victory.”

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