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Private Physical Therapy Consultation, Evaluation, & Treatments

at Our Home Office,

Your Home or Business,

or "Virtual" via any Smart Device

Our Philosophy, 
It Is Simple; We believe in Considering the Whole of the Body, Mind, and Spirit in every aspect of personal treatment we have engaged in, whether it be sickness, injury, infirmity, health, wellness, fitness, addiction, depression or Personal Growth
In Essence a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Therapeutic Approach Under God to Healing

Through over thirty years of personal clinical experience, thousands of individuals treated, personal case references, prayer, self-examination, and learning; Anna and Peter have dedicated their Health and Wellness lives to a philosophy that will no longer merely treat the symptoms of afflictions, but thoroughly examine the causes of these issues, then formulate a specific personal treatment strategy that will take into consideration the mind, body and spiritual aspects of injuries, cumulating into a strategy inspired by God that will also utilize this information to combat these hurdles, thus granting to each and every one of us the healing we have all been promised by God. 

Treatment Modalities of Choice

  • Pilates

    • ​Private

    • Groups 

  • Reflexology

    • Shiatsu​

    • Cranial Sacral

  • Massage

    • Treatment​

    • Instruction

  • Therapeutic Exercises

    • Eastern​

    • Western

  • Water/Hydro-Therapy

  • Light 

    • Vision Direction

    • Color Therapy

    • Art therapy

  • Sound

    • Hypnosis

    • Positive Reinforcement

    • Mediation

  • Postural Correction

    • Sacral Release​

    • Scoliosis

  • Nutritional/Fasting Advice

    • Bread Baking​

  • Counseling/Advice

    • Addiction Rehabilitation​

    • Chronic Illness

    • PTSD

  • Teaching/Mentoring

    • Individual​

    • Corporate


Enter into a world where you, your family, your congregation, or public appearance audience can take control as well as rightful authority, over the infirmities that afflict us.


We instruct people how first to view these issues, examining the causes, and not just the symptoms of afflictions, and then formulate a health-based rehabilitation program that will use all aspects of the individual senses to formulate a natural therapeutic remedy.


We consult and teach simple leadership skills designed to help people, health care practitioners, students, clergy and teachers on their road of spiritual self-discovery, as together gain insight to the truth regarding health, healthcare, addictions, afflictions, storms, and eventually personal growth. 


This is basically a journey to find Truth.


The process is simple we enter an analysis that encompasses not only all considerations of the Mind (Experiential), Body (Physical), and Belief (Spiritual), but takes these individual aspects into consideration when formulating the therapeutic approaches for eventual True Comprehensive and ultimately effective Therapy or Rehabilitation.


These principles, methods and practical applications are put into place in the Consulting atmosphere, in the Direct Client Consulting both in private home, private business, sports team or contracted location, in the Seminar or Public Speaking environment, and in the soon to be Instructional and Wellness Retreats, who's far away exotic locations will be specifically selected to instruct and mentor into an environment of complete healing and wellness.


God has given us the tools all around us to overcome any of the storms as well as the issues these may bring.


It is our Goal and Ambition to free our brother's, sister's, ourselves and themselves, from the hopelessness and enslavement of the pharma driven medical dogma, the addictions the years of afflictions perpetuate, the deceptions that have spoken into our entire lives regarding the reality of sicknesses and afflictions, and then instruct into a path of God-given, natural, good and healthy alternatives to achieve wellness and health. 


Anna and Peter Colla have combined over 30 years of experience in Physical Therapy Private Practice, Natural instruction such as Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts, Various Natural and Eastern Medicine applications, as well as God-given wisdom to formulate a program, write and instruct using our experiences to help others in this beautiful experience we call life.