The Dam Has Broken!

It was clear the dam was being built up by the enemy, for it was grey and cold, its rough surface in no way demonstrated anything but harsh resilience against the waters that were behind. The sky was churning with darkened greys swirling onninessness of white towering clouds, not dark because of the enemy, but because of the anger that was brewing in spirit of God. Gods blessings of a very long time were sitting behind that dam, denied to the people down in the valley below! Gods waters were being built up, held back, denied from the people down river who have been thirsty, almost choking for its few drops. The enemy could not take the waters for itself but could hold it back, denying the ch

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Our Current Private Out-Patient Consultation Locations;

The Corridors of Pinnacle Peak                       Home Office:

2155 W Pinnacle Peak Road, #201                     3445 West Valley View Trail

Phoenix, AZ 85027   (Closed)                            Phoenix, AZ 85086

                                                                                        602-315-6894   602-459-5318